Dave’s Pressure Cleaning & Waterproofing Inc. offers several different services:

Specializing but not limited to – sandblasting, low pressure chemical roof cleaning, as well as paver cleaning and sealing. 

  • Do you have a milky paver drive or patio? We can fix it!
  • Our low pressure chemical roof cleaning process is the best in the industry. Mold, mildew, algae is no match for our cleaning method.
  • Do you have a wood deck that looks run down we can fix it!!
  • Do you have rust? We can help!
  • Oil stains on your brick pavers? Not a problem, we can remove them safely.

What service(s) do I need?

  • Pressure Cleaning
    Recommended for houses, patios, driveways and screened enclosures. Living in South Florida it is recommended that you pressure clean them at least twice a year. This will obstruct the growth of black mold, common mildew and alga. If maintained on a scheduled, it will lessen future problems resulting from these fungi. If you allow these fungi to remain on surfaces such as stucco and other masonry your chances of permanent staining will occur.
  • Low Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning
    This is the recommended way to clean a roof – barrel tile, flat tile, s tile, and shingle tile. It’s very efficient and it lasts 2-3 times as long as any pressure cleaning without damaging your roof, just incredible! High pressure clean on roofs tends to remove coloring and does not eliminate growth(s). High pressure also can loosen mortar joints and lift tiles from their foundations, which hurts the dexterity of the roof and may cause damage or leaking. On shingle tile that very important grit that keeps the composition of the shingle intact is removed due to the pressure of the water. There are many reasons why chemical cleaning is the better choice and we GUARANTEE your roof will stay clean for 2 years.

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